HobbyStar 1/10 Race Combo, 120A Turbo ESC + 540 Sensored Motor + LCD Program Card

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1 x HobbyStar 120A 1/10 Competition Sensored ESC With Turbo/Boost  
Program Card:
1 x HobbyStar LCD Program Card, Car  



A complete 1/10 competition power system featuring a HobbyStar 120A Turbo ESC, 540 Sensored Competition Motor and LCD Program Card.


The HobbyStar 120A Turbo ESC is truly the next level in 1/10 competition speed controls. Offering an unprecedented level of control over boost and turbo-timing features, this ESC gives you multiple timing adjustments to control power delivery and maximize vehicle stability. 


Any ESC can put down the power, but what sets the HobbyStar 120A Turbo ESC apart from the rest is the control you have over that power and braking action. Both the punch-rate and brake-rates allow you to select 2 separate stages of adjustment along with a switch-rate (the point in throttle travel at which the second stage setting is applied).  This is an invaluable tool for fine-tuning your power and brake delivery to not upset the handling of your car by controlling wheelspin under acceleration, and tire lockup under hard braking.


Boost timing offers an optional “Stability” mode which regulates boost timing not only by motor RPM, but by throttle position as well.  Additionally, boost timing can be set to “Linear” (boost timing is applied increasingly based on RPM), or “Custom” (freely program the amount of timing at a given RPM).


Turbo timing can be activated by RPM, throttle position, or a combination of the two, and the rate at which it is applied and pulled back (turbo “Slope”) is programmable in order to maintain vehicle balance and not upset handling.


With an extensive list of other programmable features, “Blinky” mode for stock-class racing and a beautifully machined T6 billet-aluminum housing, the HobbyStar 120A Turbo ESC is THE choice for 1/10 scale competition.

NOTE: This combo is best suited for 1/10 2WD buggies, SCT's and 1/10 4WD buggies.  NOT for use in 4WD SCT's.



  • Advanced software and programming features provide silky-smooth operation and all-out power
  • Dual-stage and switch point adjustments for punch setting
  • Brake curve and dual-stage brake switch-point adjustments
  • Throttle curve and punch-rate adjustments
  • Dynamic boost timing and turbo timing adjustment
  • Optional “Stability” mode for boost-timing
  • Removable signla lead for easy replacement
  • Multiple protection features: Low-voltage cut-off, over-heat protection and signal loss protection.
  • Built-in power switch avoids having to use separate, bulky switch
  • Comes with fan, capacitor pack, all necessary wiring and instructions (does not come with battery/motor connectors)
  • Uses HobbyStar LCD Program Card or Star-Link USB link for adjustments and firmware updates
  • 10 pre-set profiles in ESC



  • Continuous Current: 120A
  • Burst Current: 760A
  • Resistance: 0.0003ohm
  • Suitable Car: 1/10, 1/12
  • Motor Type: Brushless sensored or sensorless
  • Motor Limit: 3.5T (2S), 7.5T (3S)
  • Cell Count: 2-3S LiPo, 5-10S NiCd/NiMh
  • BEC Output: 6V/7.4V Selectable, 3A
  • Dimensions (without fan): 41.5x37x21mm
  • Weight: 50g (without fan/wires)


Designed with 1/10 scale competition in mind, the HobbyStar 540 brushless, sensored motor packs features like adjustable can timing, precision high RPM ABEC5 bearings and they are precision engineered for maximum energy conversion to give you the edge you need to win.  Available in a wide variety of turns in both SPEC and MOD versions, all housed in a beautifully machined T6 billet aluminum housing for the ultimate in strength and heat dissipation.  



  • High RPM precision bearings
  • Adjustable timing
  • CNC machined billet T6 aluminum heatsink can
  • High-purity copper windings maximize conductivity
  • High-power solder tabs
  • Powerful sintered neodymium magnets
  • Precision engineered for maximum energy conversion
  • Available in both SPEC and MOD versions
  • Includes sensor cable


 Product  LiPo Max Amps Rotor Poles IO (7.4V) Resistance Turns Watts    Rotor   
KV (RPM/Volt) Weight (g) Shaft Diameter (mm) Type
4.5T 1-2S 108A 2 6.9A 0.0042 4.5 490 12.5 x 5 7,620 178 3.175 MODIFIED
5.5T 1-2S 100A 2 5.8A 0.0061 5.5 430 12.5 x 5 6,450 178 3.175 MODIFIED
6.5T 1-2S 94A 2 4.1A 0.0087 6.5 390 12.5 x 5 5,350 178 3.175 MODIFIED
7.5T 1-2S 86A 2 3.5A 0.0104 7.5 360 12.5 x 5 4,700 178 3.175 MODIFIED
8.5T 1-3S 80A 2 3.2A 0.0138 8.5 340 12.5 x 5 4,100 178 3.175 MODIFIED
9.5T 1-3S 70A 2 2.7A 0.0165 9.5 290 12.5 x 5 3,700 178 3.175 MODIFIED
10.5T 1-3S 63A 2 1.9A 0.0208 10.5 250 12.5 x 5 3,450 178 3.175 MODIFIED
11.5T 1-3S 56A 2 1.8A 0.0258 11.5 220 12.5 x 5 3,200 178 3.175 MODIFIED
13.5T 1-3S 49A 2 1.6A 0.0361 13.5 190 12.5 x 5 2,860 178 3.175 MODIFIED
10.5T 1-3S 63A 2 1.9A 0.0208 10.5 250 12.5 x 7.2 3,600 178 3.175 SPEC
13.5T 1-3S 49A 2 1.6A 0.0361 13.5 190 12.5 x 7.2 3,050 178 3.175 SUPER-STOCK
17.5T 1-3S 34A 2 1..1A 0.0514 17.5 130 12.5 x 7.2 2,200 178 3.175 STOCK
21.5T 1-3S 28A 2 0.9A 0.0875 21.5 100 12.5 x 7.2 1,760 178 3.175 SPEC


Customer Reviews (4)

Quality and reliability with out braking the bank. Review by Alberto
If you want a combo that competes with the biggest brands out there... Look no further, this 120amp ESC motor combo is absolutely fabulous, the quality of the product is outstanding and very well made, Extremely easy to calibrate with the instructions included in the package. There are plenty of tuning option with this ESC and what makes it even better is that RcJuice includes the LCD program card with your combo... You have the power to change your voltage cutoff, brake power, drag brake, throttle curve, brake curve, turbo Timming ect.. right there track side with the included LCD program card and don't have to go through the trouble of lugging around a laptop to make changes while at the track... I run the 6.5t in my team associated sc5m and its fast.. fast.. with plenty of torque and of course extremely smooth from start to finish. Don't waist your time with other brands, this combo will put you on top with out hesitation! (Posted on 7/4/2017)
Best bang for the buckReview by johnny
Very impressed with the system originally started off with a 17.5 for 2wd and I was so impressed with that setup decided to step it up and go to 4wd with a 13.5 and wow the system was on par with $300 systems never seem to be struggling or wanting more. I immediately sold off my LRP and my Tekin RSX switched over to this brand very simple ,smooth and very explosive if you need it.

(Posted on 6/5/2017)
Excellent choice.Review by Gopro85
A couple of my friends had this combo before I purchased it and I thought to my self, how could a motor/esc combo with a program card this cheap perform as well as they were claiming it did? Well let me tell you, it surpassed my expecting by far. This motor and esc combo is flawless. So many program options, cheap price, great quality, and not one complaint. This is a perfect combo for a lot of aplications. (Posted on 9/2/2016)
$150.00 Bomb ESC/Motor/program box Combo for B6D BuggyReview by Kotipelto
When I received this combo I was extremely impressed by the quality looking parts. I live locally and placed my order early and received it the next day. You really cannot go wrong with this deal. It screams quality. Motor comes with the updated soldering posts similar to the tekin stuff. Calibration of this esc is simple and painless without having to push any other buttons to set neutral/forward/reverse .The instructions are all English, well thought out and easy to understand. I really like the purple led on the on/off button that is located directly on the esc housing itself. When calibrating mode is set it turns blue and red. I installed in the AE B6D buggy and could not be happier and John's CS is second to none. Very Nice combo that does not break the bank. Impressed! (Posted on 7/15/2016)

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