HobbyStar 220A 1/8 Competition Sensored ESC With Turbo/Boost

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The all-new HobbyStar 220A 1/8 Competition ESC finally brings the extensive features and buttery-smooth operation of the HobbyStar 1/10 race ESC's into a 1/8 package. Features fully-adjustable turbo and boost timing which is a feature not typically found on 1/8 ESC's.  This ESC sets a new standard for 1/8 ESC's with an extensive list of available adjustments not found on most 1/10 ESC's, much less 1/8 ESC's.  Also features an adjustable BEC with either 6V or 7.4V output at 8A. The HobbyStar 220A ESC sets a new standard for 1/8 ESC's, and does so at an unbelievable price. 


NOTE: NOT for use with Tenshock motors.


ESC comes with power and motor leads already soldered on, and an integrated triple capacitor bank.  


 Available Adjustments:


  • Running Mode: Forward/brake, forward/reverse/brake and forward/reverse
  • Cutoff Voltage: Auto or by voltage
  • ESC Overheat Protection Setting: By temperature
  • Motor Rotation: Normal/reverse
  • Race Mode and Stock Mode: Provide targeted base-profiles for both 4.5T-9.5T motors and 10.5T and above
  • Dead Band: By percentage
  • BEC Output: 6V/7.4V @5A
  • Throttle IP limiter: To control initial power hit based on track conditions
  • Throttle Rate: Controls overall throttle power for varying track conditions
  • Drive Frequency: To fine-tune the throttle feeling from smooth to aggressive
  • RPM Lock: Allows locking in a specific RPM for drifting applications
  • Throttle Curve: Linear or custom
  • Initial Brake: By percentage
  • Drag Brake: By percentage
  • Brake Force: By percentage
  • I-Brake Response: Controls the initial brake power response to the motor for varying track conditions
  • Brake Rate: Controls overall brake power for varying track conditions
  • Brake Frequency: To fine-tune the brake feeling from smooth to aggressive
  • Brake Curve: Linear or custom
  • Boost Timing: By degrees
  • Boost Trigger Level: 1-50
  • Boost Trigger Rate: To set the speed of boost timing application
  • Turbo Timing: By degrees
  • Turbo Actuation: Method
  • Turbo Delay: By time
  • Turbo Start RPM: RPM
  • Turbo On-Rate: 1-10
  • Turbo Off-Rate: Instant-10


Programming: Must use the 160A & 220A LCD Program Card or Starlink USB link and PC application to program ESC.



  • Continuous Current: 220A
  • Burst Current: 1000A
  • Resistance: 0.0003ohm
  • Suitable Car: 1/8
  • Motor Type: Brushless sensored or sensorless 
  • Cell Count: 2-6S LiPo, 8-S NiCd/NiMh
  • BEC Output: 6V/7.4V@3A
  • Motor Limits :
    • 2-4S Lipo KV≤3000,2-6Poles
    • 2-6S Lipo KV≤2400, 2-4Poles
  • Dimensions (without fan): 55x40x20mm
  • Weight: 140g 




Customer Reviews (1)

Best bang for your dollar.Review by Josh
What a amazing set up! I got this for one of my 1/8 bashers and the thing is a rocket. I have 4 different hobbystar motor esc combos and I love them,would never buy anything else.
To top it off I'm still new to the hobby and learning,but what a amazing company and customer service. These people will answer any questions you have and are willing to help you out. Thanks so much rcjuice I can't say enough about you guy's and your product. (Posted on 1/25/2020)

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Product Questions

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Can you use other brands of program cards with this ESC? Is this identical to the Reds Z8 ESC?
Although some ESC's and even program cards closely resemble eachother, the firmware is vastly different and wil not communicate.
RCJuice answered on June 3, 2020
What gauge are the motor and battery wires?
All wires are 10ga black
RCJuice answered on September 30, 2020
Is this ESC waterproof? Does it come with the necessary cable to connect to the sensored motor?
This ESC is not waterproof. Unlike most motors, ESC's generally do not have sensor wires included. This one does not come with a sensor wire.
RCJuice answered on May 28, 2020
Hello, Do you need a program card for this ESC ? 220a 1/8 competition
Yes, you will need a program box for fine tuning.
RCJuice answered on November 10, 2020
will this esc work for the 2.5 turn motors? for drag tracing no prep sct
Yes, this ESC will work with the low turn 540 motors. As always, you'll want to monitor temps and gear accordingly.

RCJuice answered on November 13, 2020
hi just wonder if i can program this using skyrc wifi module???Thank you
No, the SKYRC PROGBOX will not work with Hobbystar products. Here is the link to the required box :

RCJuice answered on November 13, 2020

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