HobbyStar 3650 4-Pole Brushless Sensorless Motor, V2, Waterproof

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HobbyStar 3650 4-pole brushless motor provides gobs of torque, and versatile waterproof design allows you to drive in extreme conditions. motor leads come with pre-installed 4.0mm gold-plated bullet plugs for easy, no-soldering connection.



  • 4-pole motor with 12-slot high-torque design
  • High-purity copper windings maximize efficiency
  • High-RPM ABEC5 oversized bearings
  • Precision balanced rotor for smooth operation and maximum RPM
  • Super-thin (0.35mm) stator laminations 

Voltage recommendations in chart are guidelines for the voltage you can safely run.  It is still critical that the user monitor motor temps and adjust gearing if necessary, any motor can overheat to the point of destruction if over-geared even when running at or below the rated voltage. 


Product KV (RPM/Volt) Max Voltage Max Amps Rotor Poles IO Resistance Watts Max RPM Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (g) Shaft Diameter (mm) Shaft Length (mm) Connectors
3650/5T 3100 3S 56A 4 1.4A 0.0126 900W 50,000 50 36 180 3.175 15 4.0mm gold
3650/5T 3500 3S 60A 4 2.6A 0.0121 900W 50,000 50 36 180 3.175 15 4.0mm gold
3650/4T 3900 2S 69A 4 2.0A 0.0081 900W 50,000 50 36 180 3.175 15 4.0mm gold
3650/3.5T 4300 2S 75A 4 2.7A 0.0075 900W 50,000 50 36 180 3.175 15 4.0mm gold
3650/3T 5200 2S 94A 4 3.7A 0.0051 900W 50,000 50 36 180 3.175 15 4.0mm gold


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While this 3500kv motor fit in a new slash 4x4
Yes, it will fit. Honestly, we would recommend a 550 size motor like the 3660 for a 4wd application like the Slash 4x4.
RCJuice answered on October 7, 2019
Looks like the 3660 has 4.0mm connections. The stock esc on the slash is 3.5. Can you recommend something that will work with that?
We would still recommend the 3660 series, but what we can do is swap the bullets from 4mm to 3.5 for you. When you make the purchase, just ask to have them swapped in the notes section and we can take care of that for you.
RCJuice answered on October 8, 2019

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