HobbyStar 5200mAh 22.2V, 6S 35C LiPo Battery

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HobbyStar LiPo packs combine quality components and powerful cells to deliver a superior-power battery for your RC vehicle. Built using the latest technology in cell chemistry to provide generous capacities, powerful discharge ratings and fast charge rates.  HobbyStar LiPo batteries are an unbeatable value!



  • Capacity: 5200mAh
  • Voltage: 22.2V (6S)
  • Discharge Rating: 35C 
  • Charge Rate: 2C
  • Wire: 10AWG
  • Plug Style: EC5
  • Balance Plug: JST-XH
  • Dimensions: 134x51x42.5mm
  • Weight: 640g 

Additional Info

Additional Info

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Customer Reviews (2)

Awesome! Small, light and powerfulReview by evan
These are the same size and weight as a Admiral 4000 and $20+ cheaper. They are a great pack for 80mm EDFs and work in 70 and 90mm since they are light enough for the 70 and have the capacity to fly the 90. Awesome pack. Awesome service from RC Juice! (Posted on 11/30/2018)
Great packs for those who need 6s 5200mah packs AND want to stay light weight!Review by Ed
There are many choices in the common 6s, 5000mah (or there about) lipo battery pack.

You can find 1) cheap, 2) easy and 3) great packs out there... but rarely (if ever) will all three of these qualities be present in any battery.

The Hobby Star 6s, 5200mah 35c pack is pretty close to taking all three of these values... compromising in the areas most will not notice but nailing down the areas that are important. For example, for a pack to be great, IMHO it it also has to be relatively light weight (these packs are the lightest in the category I've seen at 660 grams!) and also have the ability to deliver 100 amps without breaking a sweat. The HS packs do that no problem, I run them in 100 amp applications and have been happy. While they are not 70c packs, they will do what is asked of them well above and beyond the traditionally understood "half the rated value" that most packs sell under. IOW, these packs at 35 c ratings definitely deliver, IMHO, easily into the 21C range without heating up too much. Most 50c packs will not deliver much past 22-25c without starting to get really hot and then you are shortening life. The good thing about these packs is you get a modest capability and capacity but at VERY light weights. Less weight means less power required and better flying characteristics! The trap that is easy to fall into is piling up on C ratings that some guys will never use and the extra weight just means heavy, so-so flying capability along with a high price tag.

BTW these packs are pretty close to being "cheap" at $85 a pop for what you get, and easy is a no brainier in this case b/c they ship from the US and offer free shipping above a certain value! (Posted on 5/1/2017)

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