Leopard 4092, 4-Pole Brushless Sensorless Motor For 1/8 Scale/Lightweight 1/5 Scale

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The Leopard 4092 is a crazy long, crazy powerful motor. Can be used in anything from 1/8 vehicles, lightweight 1/5 scale rigs and large boats. Check your clearance before ordering!  


Leopard motors are built using the highest grade components for outstanding performance and long life.  The latest generation 4-pole rotors provide massive torque, and are Kevlar wrapped to ensure the magnets stay put at all RPM’s. All components are precision machined, balanced and hand-built to guarantee quality, and with an extensive product line including many sizes you just won’t find from other manufacturers you are sure to find a Leopard motor to fit your application.



  • Precision machined aluminum housing
  • Kevlar wrapped, 4-pole rotor
  • Imported high-speed Japanese bearings
  • Hand wound stator, using high-purity/high-temperature copper wire
  • Excellent heat dissipation


Model Max Amps Max Voltage Max Power KV(RPM/Volt) Resistance No-Load Current (15V) Dimensions (mm) Mounting Hole Depth (mm) Shaft Length (mm) Shaft Diameter (mm) Weight (g)
4092/3.5D 115A 23V 4200W 1480 0.0097 3.8A 39.8x92 9 20 5.0 492
4092/3D 140A 20V 4200W 1730 0.0065 4.5A 39.8x92 9 20 5.0 492


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Which ESC is recommended for this motor?
Depends on the application, but for the majority if installs this is a great match: https://www.rcjuice.com/motor-esc/car-esc-s/1-8-esc-s/hobbystar-150a-brushless-sensored-esc-2-6s.html
RCJuice answered on April 8, 2019
Will the Castle MMX work with this motor?
Yes they would.
RCJuice answered on July 29, 2019
Hi what site bullet connectors come with this motor?.. and if they are not the 6.5mm are you able to change to them?..
I do believe it does have 6.5mm connectors. To answer your other question, yes, we can change the motor connectors.
RCJuice answered on May 8, 2020
Will this motor fit a arrma felony?
While the diameter would be a correct fit, the length of the 4092 could pose a clearance issue. At a length of 92mm, you would need to check the distance between the motor plate and the steering post.
RCJuice answered on May 4, 2021
Will this motor work with a 150A esc, Specifically the Hobbywing max8?
Yes it will, it's important you still follow the voltage recommendations and adjust gearing for proper temps but this will work great with the HW ESC.
RCJuice answered on November 12, 2018
Is this motor waterproof?
No they are not.
RCJuice answered on February 18, 2019
Does this have m4 holes?
Yes, they have both M3 and M4 holes.
RCJuice answered on June 28, 2018

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