ToolkitRC M8S DC Battery Charger Workstation (8S/18A/400W)

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Toolkit RC M8S DC Battery Charger & Workstation. Increased power output over the previous M8 (100W higher), and featuring a color LCD panel. 


  • A versatile and powerful tool.
  • Developed from more than 6 years of industry experience.
  • An intelligent integration of technologies
  • Compact and efficient design
  • A host of integrated test tools
  • 400W@18A charging output power
  • 1-8S Lithium cell management
  • Everything you need in one device:
    • Servo Tester: Test Output, PWM, PPM 8CH and SBUS 18CH
    • Receiver: Signal tester for PWM, PPM and SBUS
    • Drone Charger: 1.0-30.0V, 1-15.0A
    • Output for: DJI Mavic2, Mavic, Phantom, Inspire
    • Charge: LiPo 1-8S, LiHV 1-8S, LiFe 1-8S, Nimh 1-20S, Pb 1-10S
    • Battery Meter: 0.1A-18A @ 400W
    • Measure: 400mA @ 2-8S Voltage display
  • Upgrading has never been easier: The device uses a standard file systerm similar to a USB driver. Simply connect the device to your PC with the supplied cable and copy the files to update firmware.
  • Double the fans, double the cooling: Dual cooling fans provide better heat dispersion,lower speed and quieter operation.
  • Classic look, functional styling: Simple easy to read display for all lighting conditions. 
    • Input voltage: 7.0-30.0V  @ MAX 18A
    • Type of battery: Lipo  LiHV  LiFe @1-8S, NiMh @1-20S, Pb @1-10S
    • Balance current: 800mA @2-8S
    • Charge power: 400W @ MAX 18A
    • Discharge power: 400W  @ MAX 18A Recycle mode, 15W @ 3A Normal mode
    • USB: 2.1A @ 5.0V  or  Upgrade



    • PWM: 880-2200us @20-400Hz
    • PPM: 880-2200us*8CH @20-50Hz
    • SBUS: 880-2200us*16CH @20-100Hz
    • Voltage: 1.0-5.0V @1-8S
    • Internal resistance: 10-500mR @1-8S
    • ESC: 400W @Max 18A


    • PWM: 500-2500us @20-1000Hz
    • PPM: 880-2200us*8CH @20-50Hz
    • SBUS: 880-2200us*16CH @20-100Hz
    • Power: 1.0-30.0V  @1.0-18A  Mode:CC+CV 
    • OverCurrent Cut Off time: 50ms


    • Dimensions: 98x68x35mm
    • Weight: 170g
    • LCD: 2.4inch, 320x240 Pixel, Color


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    What kind of power supply do I need to charge with this
    You'll need a 12v power supply for this charger. There are quite a few different versions out there, here is an example:
    RCJuice answered on October 15, 2021

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