We take pride in selling high quality products at rock-bottom prices and we offer a 30-Day Warranty on all the products we sell.  If one of our products fail within 30 days of receipt we will replace or refund.  All items which are returned to us for refund or exchange are subject to inspection, and if they appear to be used outside of the scope of their intended use (or used in an application they were not intended for),  if any physical damage is present or if they have been modified from their original state then we reserve the right to refuse a warranty claim. Electronics that have failed due to misuse, abuse, water-damage, running higher voltage than recommended, improper gearing and overheating are not covered under warranty.  All items being returned under warranty must include all items originally included with product or a re-stocking fee will be assessed. 


Any warranty listed on item packaging is a manufacturer's warranty, and is not processed by RCJuice.  We are happy to provide proof of purchase for manufacturer warranty purposes, but these are not processed by RCJuice.  Buyer is responsible for reading the description of all items and for asking any questions about an application before making purchase.


Items being returned for a warranty claim beyond 14 days are not eligible for a refund, replacement only.  Warranty is limited to replacement/value of the product in question and does not extend to incidental damages.  Warranty applies to the original purchaser of the item only.


RCJuice is not responsible for broken or defective merchandise beyond 30 days.


ESC's & Motors

ESC's and motors that fail due to defect are eligible for warranty replacement.  An ESC that has failed due to overheating, connecting to reverse polarity, overheating of motor and shorting out ESC, running excessive voltage through it or for any other reason other than a manufacturer's defect IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR WARRANTY REPLACEMENT.  Motors that have failed due to overheating or any other reason other than a manufactures defect ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR WARRANTY REPLACEMENT.  Please consider this when sending in equipment for a warranty claim.


LiPo Batteries

Pack abnormalities, such as a puffed cell, 0 voltage cell, persistent imbalance (more than 0.5v/cell) must be reported within 5 days of receipt.


      Warranty Exclusions For LiPo Batteries: 

     - Physical damage (crush, impact, road rash, water etc.)
     - Over-charging (charge voltage higher than 4.20V/cell), over-discharging (below 3.0V/cell).
     - Problems caused by improper charging, defective chargers or user settings.
     - Use outside of specifications.
     - Improper storage (high temperature and humidity, fully charged storage for more than 15 days, etc)
     - Short-circuit or connection with polarity reversed.
     - Normal wear.
     -All or most of the cells in a pack are puffed. This typically is a result of over-discharging, improper storage, or charging in excess of 4.21V/cell. If you have experienced this problem, please check your charging and power system(s) to determine the cause and to prevent further issues with other packs. Swelling/Puffing is not considered as a defect and isn't part of our warranty. Typically this is due to improper use or misuse. We make sure to offer packs that have been tested and are known to be reliable and have a good cycle life when treated properly.

This warranty applies only to packs purchased directly through RCJuice.com.


All new battery packs should be inspected before use. Although we make every possible effort to ensure that all battery packs and other items are in perfect shape when they arrive, they should still be inspected and all packs inspected for polarity before connecting to a charger or speed controller.  Please do not charge or use any battery you believe to be defective or damaged and contact us immediately. RCJuice strongly recommends that all battery packs from any source be inspected before use.


Please e-mail us at support@rcjuice.com with any warranty issues.