Liability Disclaimer

RCJuice is not responsible for any losses or injury that occur from the use of our products. Customer assumes all risks when using our batteries and other products.  Customers should always supervise the use, discharge and recharge of their battery packs and charging equipment. For more info on lipo battery safety and use/charging, please see our Lipo Battery Basics page. Packs that have been recently used, crashed, or charged should not be left near flammable objects and should be handled in a safe manner. Before any battery pack is installed it is advised that the customer checks the battery over. Confirm polarity and voltage of the pack before each use (especially on new packs). All packs should be charged before use. This will also help determine if there is any battery problems.


All Lipo batteries must be charged with an appropriate charger designed to charge Lipo batteries.Failure to do so can result in fire, damage and even injury. Charging using any other method will void all warranty.


Our liability is limited to the values of product in question that was purchased from RCJuice.


Hobby battery use can be dangerous -- please make yourself aware of the dangers. If you are unsure ask someone to help before you continue. There is a lot of power in these little batteries, and you must keep yourself protected by being educated on your hobby.


Please see our Lipo Battery Basics page for more info on handling and safety of Lipo batteries.