SkyRC GC301 Automatic Stability Control Gyro For Cars

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Uses gyro sensors and software algorithm to adjust steering output, providing you with a more stable and controlled driving experience.

The Gyro's heading hold effect manages steering output by automatically keeping the car's tires aligned in the direction you choose. It will also precisely maintain car direction regardless of the amount of traction of the track or outside force apply to the car. With heading hold, the car is more maneuverable and controllable.


  •  Automatic corrective steering action for RC cars - GC301 gyro allows you to drive the RC car toward a given direction and take precision turns at high speeds. This makes the vehicle more manageable, controllable and stable.  
  •  Remote gain function - You can adjust gain from the transmitter CH3 by using the remote gain function. Gain can also be adjusted with the trimmer on the GC301.


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Perfect Gyro for Drift and other applications...Review by Mark Demma
I'm using this gyro in my drifters, with great success. And I'm also using one to reign in an over powered touring car that was really squirrely and undriveable at first. but is now a point and shoot rocket with the gyro installed. I'm probably going to test out another one in my one of my off road vehicles, just for added stability. (Posted on 4/14/2016)

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It can be adjusted from controller, but can you just turn it off and on from controller? So I can be driving with it off and just turn it on
As long as it is connected, it is active. You can adjust the gain +/- from the controller but you can not turn it on/off remotely.
RCJuice answered on January 6, 2020
will this gyro work with nitro powered trucks I have an old cen nemesis nitro
Yes it will, it simply plugs inline between your receiver and the steering servos and adjusts servo output based on the truck position. Vehicle power does not matter for these.
RCJuice answered on April 12, 2019
Whitch servos does it support? Analog/Digital?
Both servo types are supported.
RCJuice answered on May 5, 2018
How well does this gyro work with a drag car? Will it keep it going straight? Thanks
Drift and Drag racers love this gyro, it'll keep you going straight. The gain adjustment is a great tool for fine tuning. Keep in mind, the more centrally located the gyro is, the better it performs.
RCJuice answered on November 12, 2019

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